TFS 2010

Posted by | March 14, 2013
Rename a TFS Project Collection

I was asked the other day how to rename a Team Project Collection. There is a way, and it is more like a three card shuffle than anything else, and...

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Posted by | December 14, 2012
Exporting TF Status to Excel

You can use TF.EXE STATUS to display information about pending changes to items in one or more workspaces. I use this prior to migrations to see what users have files...

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Posted by | June 8, 2012
Which Scrum Team member should set PBI and Bug work item states?

This is a fairly common question, usually by teams new to Scrum. The Scrum Guide clearly identifies the roles and their responsibilities. Team Foundation Server does not. It only identifies...

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Posted by | February 29, 2012
TFS2010 Build output to a Custom Folder Structure

How to output TFS2010 build output to a subfolder The scenario that exists is that I need to build a more detailed tree structure in the build output. I was...

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Posted by | January 23, 2012
Thought for today: TFS build agents are like shared, network printers

Here’s your thought for the day: Think of Team Foundation Build build agents like shared, network printers in a large enterprise. Each printer can be assigned one or more tags...

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Posted by | May 28, 2011
Would You, Could You With TFS?

As you know Team Foundation Server 2010 supports most (but not all) Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) activities as the busy diagram below (from InCycle Software) suggests: In addition to identifying...

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Posted by | April 14, 2011
Excluding folders and files when adding to source control

Nov 2016 Update: I've had a few people reach out to me over the years and ask about how to do this in 2013, 2015, etc. The answer is to...

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Posted by | March 18, 2011
Agile Scrum Development Practices with the Experts – see you in DC next month

If you are in the DC area next month, you should attend this exciting, free event where will explore Scrum in the real-world and how you can adopt a more...

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Posted by | January 21, 2011
Unconfiguring Team Foundation Server 2010

I actually had a need to do this today, so I did some browsing of the Team Foundation Server – Setup forums and found these steps: Execute tfsconfig setup /uninstall:all....

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Posted by | November 12, 2010
Upgrading TFS to 2010

At TechEd Europe 2010, I had the privilege to work on the VS2010 Ultimate booth. It was great to meet so many folk, and find out how different people were...

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