Visual Studio 2005

Posted by | April 27, 2007
Editing the TFSBuild.proj file without wasting time

When you're trying to edit an automated Team Build, you can really get stuck waiting long times for the builds to complete.  This can be very frustrating while you're going...

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Posted by | April 24, 2007
VS2005 Template for listening to TFS Events

I've posted about this before, however, it's so important I'll repost.  If you're trying to create a listener web service for TFS events, don't start from scratch!  Use Howard van...

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Posted by | April 17, 2007
Filing bugs from an ASPX page

If you'd like to file bugs in TFS using a web page, perhaps for users that don't have VS2005 or the Team Explorer installed, there's a pretty clean example located...

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Posted by | April 17, 2007
WSS3.0 with Team System SP1

Hallelujah!  You can now use WSS 3.0 with TFS 1.0 SP1!  This is great news!!!  For those of you who haven't seen WSS 3.0 as compared to WSS 2.0, you're...

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Posted by | March 9, 2007
Using the ReportViewer control in .NET 2.0?

One of the coolest controls that Visual Studio 2005 includes is the report design and view functionality of the ReportViewer controls. What used to be a server-only function, .RDL (now .RDLC) files can be...

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Posted by | March 8, 2007
Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista

If you are running Vista and VS 2005, you need to install this SP1 update. It's referenced by KB929470, and you can download it here.

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Posted by | January 17, 2007
Boise .NET User Group this Week

If you are in the Boise area, be sure to attend Thursday's meeting of the Boise .NET User Group. I'll be delivering a talk on "SQL Server 2005 Worst Practices"....

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Posted by | January 5, 2007
TFS Build Scripts – Best Practice

How many build scripts do you need?  There seems to be some massive confusion around TFS Build Scripts, namely, how many a single project needs.  If your answer is one,...

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Posted by | December 23, 2006
New TFS MSSCCI provider available!

Thanks to Brian Harry and team for releasing the latest version of the provider. The enhancements in this latest release include: Enable handling branched solutions in Visual Studio 2003 Fixed...

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Posted by | December 19, 2006
TFS SP1 Gotcha with Workgroup Edition

If you're upgrading your TFS with SP1 (which you should) and you're using the Workgroup edition, there's a gotcha if you already are using all 5 allowed people.  Basically, you'll...

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