Visual Studio 2013

Posted by | October 21, 2014
A unique load testing experiment

Most of the guidance you'll find about Visual Studio Ultimate Load Tests suggests that they are only for load testing Web Performance tests. Actually, they can be used to load...

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Posted by | February 26, 2014
The ProcessTemplateEditorPackage package did not load correctly

Yesterday, while using Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2013 to customize a process template, I ran into this error … As suggested, I checked the ActivityLog.xml, but it didn’t offer...

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Posted by | November 6, 2013
Quality Enablement through Agile Testing

Thank you for attending last week’s Quality Enablement through Agile Testing event put on by Microsoft here in Boise. I hope you had fun exploring the testing tools in Visual...

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Posted by | October 7, 2013
The One Work Item check-in policy

Thanks to my fellow Visual Studio ALM MVP Colin Dembovsky for building the “One Work Item” check-in policy that I was always too lazy to build. Judging by the title,...

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Posted by | October 4, 2013
Measuring the Business Value of a PBI

I’m curious. What do you enter in the Business Value field? Take this PBI work item for example … According to MSDN you are supposed to type a number that...

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Posted by | September 24, 2013
Who wants to be a Professional Scrum Trainer?

Registration is now open for our Professional Scrum Developer Train The Trainer (TTT) event in Stuttgart, Germany on December 2-6, 2013. This will be the last such event this year....

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Posted by | September 12, 2013
Get ready for the launch of Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 will launch on November 13. You can join the festivities virtually from your workstation or mobile device. Watch the keynote speech live or at a later time....

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