Room configuration for team-based training

Room configuration for team-based training

Posted by richard | February 2, 2018 | Scrum

When planning a team-based training event, please consider the room configuration. Having the right table and chair arrangement will go a long ways towards a positive learning experience.

Round or square tables allowing students to sit in teams of 4-6 with laptops is ideal, with plenty of whiteboards, flip charts, and room for sticky notes. Even for training that is not specifically team-based, pairing is still encouraged. This means there only needs to be one laptop for every two students.

Less than ideal are large U-shaped tables, fixed rows, or large conference tables. It’s harder to students to work as a team in these configurations.

So, if possible, configure the classroom as an open space, with movable tables that can accommodate 4-6 students per table. Square or round tables will work fine. Long rectangular tables can be put side by side to make a square. Configuration in rows is not recommended, but sometimes cannot be avoided. Keep in mind that a less-than-ideal configuration will diminish the team-based learning experience.


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