Our courseware rocks

If you want to run your own internal class or deliver training for someone else, we might be able to help. Most of our titles are available for purchase. We will print and ship our professional, high-quality courseware books to you or your client. You will also have electronic-based support for other class materials, made available to you prior to your training event.

Our courseware is created by experts who know how to keep students engaged and learning. Each course is designed to teach the ins and outs of the tool, process, or practice as well as transfer the preferred practices that we have accumulated from our years in the field, working with software development teams. In other words, we not only tell you what a feature does, but when and why you should use it, and when you shouldn’t!

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing courseware to run a class.

What do you get?
  • Printed course book
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Student lab files
  • Environment build guide
  • Dedicated OneDrive share
  • Email-based support