Accentient "Experts in Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management and Scrum"

In cooperation with Microsoft, Ken Schwaber, and, we have created the Professional Scrum Developer program. Our training course is for the most important role in Scrum: the Development Team.
Attendees of the Professional Scrum Developer course will learn how to use modern practices to develop an increment of potentially-releasable functionality according to a definition of done. They will do so while working within a cross-functional, self-organizing team, performing iterative, incremental development according to the rules of Scrum. PSD Pie Chart
  • Team-based training
  • Self-organizing teams
  • Visual Studio ALM tools
  • Hands-on TDD and CI
  • Learn new communication techniques
  • Identify and eliminate dysfunctions
  • Improve your game of Scrum

Download the
Scrum Guide
Download the
Syllabus (3 Day)
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The Scrum Guide PSD 3-Day Syllabus Course walkthrough
"Scrum teams are expected to deliver value every Sprint. Accentient's Professional Scrum Developer course shows how to meet these demands using modern software engineering practices and tools. Accentient's courseware is an accelerant to Scrum and its benefits to the profession of software development."

- Ken Schwaber
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