Why Scrum?

The process wars are over. Agile won. By agile, we mean Scrum, because agile is not something that can be done. Agility is a state that is achieved. For software development teams and organizations, agility is achieved through Scrum. Scrum is a lightweight, empirical framework used for developing and sustaining complex products, such as software. This is why we have partnered with Scrum.org. Unlike the Scrum Alliance, Scrum.org’s focus is on improving the profession of software development. Check out a few of the organizations that have adopted Scrum.

Why Professional Scrum?
In cooperation with Microsoft and Scrum.org, Accentient has created the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program, which focuses on the most important role in Scrum: the Development Team. Students attending a PSD course will learn how to use modern practices to develop an increment of releasable functionality according to a definition of done. They will do so while working within a cross-functional, self-organizing team, performing iterative, incremental development according to the rules of Scrum while using the tools and technologies of their choice.


The PSD Program
PSD Training
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Endorsed by Ken Schwaber
“Scrum teams are expected to deliver value every Sprint. Accentient’s Professional Scrum Developer course shows how to meet these demands using modern software engineering practices and tools. Accentient’s courseware is an accelerant to Scrum and its benefits to the profession of software development.”

Ken Schwaber, Co-creator of Scrum Ken Schwaber