A Geeky Road Adventure

I am currently in Jacksonville, North Carolina to teach a 3 day Team System class to the U. S. Marine Corp. To get here, I took 3 planes today with the last one loaded up with Marines on their way to Camp Laugune, just like me.

I was listening to podcasts, mostly “This American Life” and “.Net Rocks“. In fact, if you are at all into Team System, you have go to listen to this episode of .Net Rocks: Joel Semeniuk on the State of Team System. Joel sheds some light on what to expect in Rosario, which is a mature v3 of Team System with a strong focus on test.

None of this is the point, though. The point is to let you know that nothing will make you feel like a bigger wuss than riding in an airplane of Marines with a ring neck pillow that won’t fit in your carry on bag.

They were polite. No one actually called me out. “Hey, neck pillow, computer geek,” they could have said. But, they didn’t. One or two did sneer a little, though. It’s ok, my neck was really comfy.

This is going to be an great week.