Adding HEAT output to the GAC

There are situations (infrastructure component used across the enterprise is one example) where it is more useful to put the assembly in to the GAC.

Using Heat, a transform needs to be used that will add the assembly=”.net” to the wixobj.

In the wixproj File, add a transforms line:


    <HeatProject Include=@(ProjectReference->’%(FullPath)’)>







The XSLT file contents:


<?xml version=1.0encoding=utf-8?>

<xsl:stylesheet version=1.0xmlns:xsl=  xmlns:msxsl=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xsltexclude-result-prefixes=msxslxmlns:wix=>

  <xsl:output method=xmlindent=yes/>


  <!– Start the processing from the root copying–>

  <xsl:template match=wix:*|@*>


      <xsl:apply-templates select=text()|*|@* />




  <!– Search for elements that have a file source, and add an attribute that will let wix GAC them–>

  <xsl:template match=*>

    <xsl:element name=Filenamespace=>

      <xsl:attribute name=Id>

        <xsl:value-of select=@Id/>


      <xsl:attribute name =Source>

        <xsl:value-of select=@Source/>


      <xsl:attribute name=Assembly>.net</xsl:attribute>

      <xsl:attribute name=KeyPath>yes</xsl:attribute>





This will harvest all the output assemblies and flag them to be installed in to the GAC