Course ADS: Administering Azure DevOps Server

Administering Azure DevOps Server

ADS | 3 Days

This three-day, instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to deploy, configure, and manage Microsoft Azure DevOps Server and related software components.


This course is intended for experienced administrators with a background in software development and/or system administration. Team leaders, lead developers, and other accidental Azure DevOps Server administrators are also encouraged to take this course.


  1. Introduction to Azure DevOps Server
  2. Planning and Deploying
  3. Configuring
  4. Client Applications
  5. Version Control
  6. Build and Release Pipelines
  7. Upgrading, Integrating, and Migrating
  8. Advanced Administration
  9. Customizing and Extending

Level: Advanced

Windows Server administration experience required


Azure DevOps Server 2022
Azure DevOps Server 2020
Contact us for older versions or customizations