Course APS-SD: Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development

Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development

APS-SD | 3 Days

The Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development course is a unique and intensive three-day experience intended for anyone involved in software development. The course guides teams on how to turn product requirements into business value in the form of potentially-releasable increments of software. This is done using the students’ choice of DevOps tools/technologies, and modern Agile development practices. This course mixes lecture, demonstration, group discussion, and hands-on software development.

Note: This course can be run using Visual Studio, Java, or generically (where the client decides the exact tools).


This course is suitable for any member of a Scrum Development Team, such as those who develop tests, architecture, design, schema, or code. Entire teams are encouraged to attend this course and experience the positive effects of collaborating inside of a timebox according to their definition of done. Each team must be cross-functional, ensuring it has the necessary skills. Product Owners, Scrum Masters, stakeholders, and those evaluating Scrum’s effectiveness are welcome to attend, but they will be expected to participate and collaborate equally, working towards the achievement of their team’s goals.


  1. The Scrum Framework
  2. Case Study
  3. Product Backlog Refinement
  4. DevOps
  5. Quality Software
  6. Emergent Architecture
  7. Quality Code
  8. Scrum Challenges


The true value of the course is realized as each student collaborates with other team members, on a case study product, using common DevOps tools, over several mini-Sprints.

Level: Intermediate

Team based development experience required