Attendee-Driven Presentation

I’ve seen Test Driven Development work, so why not adjust it slightly and have the attendees (who own the requirements after all) drive the presentation? Today, at the in-between conference (a.k.a. Microsoft Community Summit 2008), I did just that. I had the attendees drive my four hour presentation. I did this in the Open Space room, and it not only fit with the theme of that room, but it worked great!

As the attendees arrived, I handed them 3-5 3×5 cards – the cool ones from 3M that you can sort, stack, and stick to surfaces.

Here are the topics (backlog items) that they came up with:

  • How do you customize work item types?
  • (What) team size to justify the usage of Team System?
  • What’s new and improved in VSTS 2008 vs. VSTS 2005?
  • Continuous Integration (x 3)
  • What performance degradation (can occur) from extensive branching?
  • Integration with external tools (e.g. Mercury Quality Center, Doors)
  • TDD
  • Multiple builds running at the same time
  • How to limit CI build to only trigger when for certain check-ins (by location)
  • Best practices
  • How to customize Code Analysis
  • What makes VSTS more beneficial than VS Professional?
  • What is Team Foundation Server?

And my personal favorite:

  • I’m here to see if you’re a good presenter because my company is thinking of bringing you in for a day to teach the team.

For those of you who attended my talk, here’s a link to my notes and my worst practices presentation.