Bit-By-Bit Computer Rentals

We do a lot of training around the US, and often we depend on computers at the company to be trainined.  However, in many cases, we need to provide computers.  For our training next week at a large government contractor, I decided to look outside our normal channels (which is a training center that has a mobile lab, but is often booked out for their own training) and look for someone new.  Although I got bids from several companies, one company really stood out:  Bit-by-Bit Compnuter Rentals.  The customer service rep who I spoke to was Josh Highland.  Not only was he very helpful, he was very capable and knowledgeable.  Since they are nationwide, and provide such good service, we’ll definitely be working with them in the future.  If any of you have a need for computer rentals, I recommend contacting Josh at Bit-by-Bit