Creating a Team Explorer 2017 installer

Creating a Team Explorer 2017 installer

May 16, 2018 | Team Services, TFS, Visual Studio 2017

Having an offline installer (.iso) of Team Explorer can be very beneficial, for various reasons. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t offer one.
Here are the simple steps to follow in order to create your own …

  1. Download the Team Explorer 2017 setup bootstrapper file from the downloads page (or directly).
  2. Create a folder that will contain the installation files (e.g. C:\TeamExplorer).
  3. Open a command window, change directory to where you downloaded the file in step 1, and run the bootstrapper with the –layout switch and folder location.

Example: vs_teamexplorer__1997038162.1499287468 --layout c:\TeamExplorer

This will start a download of the installation files and the process of creating the layout to the C:\TeamExplorer folder …

  1. Use ISO creating software to create an .iso file. I used BurnAware to create mine …

  1. Mount and install as needed.

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