VSLive – Eric Rudder's Keynote and Ari Bixhorn's Demo

VSLive – Eric Rudder's Keynote and Ari Bixhorn's Demo

February 8, 2005 | Conferences

Eric’s speaking on lots of overview stuff, with just enough technical info to keep it interesting and enough business information to get my juices flowing.

Indigo Day Theme – What should you do today, to prepare for Web Services in the future?


  • W3C recommendations are improving, including MTOM and WS-AtomicTransactions.
  • Indigo’s 3 areas: Productivity (attribute based, VS integration), Interoperability (WS-* specs), and Service-Oriented Development (loosely coupled, config based communication)
  • Lots of focus on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support in Indigo.
  • Indigo services will be built using VS 2005.  Indigo is an extension of the .NET Framework.

Ari Bixhorn’s up for a demo.  Got a big ol’ bandage on his head.  The demo’s focused on a hospital experience.  (Whoops, it’s not a bandage, it’2013-08-28 13:52:37’s the heart rate monitor.)

  • Lots of drag/drop, graphical functionality.
  • Pretty cool demo, with a heart rate and brain wave monitor.
  • Fun demo to watch.  He’s changing the Web Services to go over HTTP from TCP.
  • Now packets are being dropped, since it’s HTTP over several intermediaries.  So, we need reliability.
  • He simply adds the reliability attribute (and a security attribute) and bingo!  🙂
  • Also, changes the security model using a simple config file.  This follows the good SOA model of changing non-business logic stuff in the configuration, not the code.

Eric’s Back Up:

  • BizTalk isn’t going away
    • 2005 – WSE 1.0 Support
    • 2006 – Adapter for Indigo
    • Beyond – BizTalk will use Indigo as its foundation
  • SQL Server
    • Currently – some support
    • Later – Indigo programming model layered over Service Broker
    • SQL Server vNext – Service Broker uses Indogo transports for WS-* interop
  • Windows Sharepoint Services will have a consistent Web Services infrastructure in the future
  • VSIP program – 225 Premier and Alliance Partners, and 20,000 affiliates.  Yep, the extensibility ROCKS!
  • VS2005 Beta2 will be released in March (“maybe not until March 38th or March 45th…”)

Good presentation.  I wish I could spend more time in the Indigo sessions.  🙁  But I’ve got to bone up on the new SQL Server 2005 stuff for the ISV Community Days I’ll be doing (beginning this Friday).