Borland Brain Drain Continues

Being an ex-Borland afficionado, (remember, my email is, this story on eWeek caught my attention. I have mix feelings about it.

It seems that two of Borland’s top engineers, Blake Stone and Chuck Jazdzewski are heading to Microsoft. Chuck attended college in the Boise area, and still visits our user group from time to time. According to the article, he’ll be joining the Avalon team on Longhorn (next version of Windows).

Remember that it wasn’t too many years ago that Microsoft made Anders Hejlsberg an “offer he couldn’t refuse“. This lead to the defection of Anders and a couple dozen other Borland employees to Microsoft. Today, we have him to thank for C#.

Thanks to my buddy Jim McKeeth, coordinator of the Boise Software Developer’s Group, for sending me this link. The Boise Software Developer’s Group is the present-day version of the Delphi Users Group which I started in 1995.