Building Team System Demos

I’ve been frantically working for the past few days on an important Team System demo using the latest bits. 

Folks, we’ve come a LONG way from Beta 1!  And we still have a ways to go!  The UI is much smoother, and more accessible, however, some things still aren’t working efficiently.  Web tests aren’t consistently reliable.  Or maybe it’s just that the built-in web server isn’t reliable.  But it’2013-08-28 13:48:43’s been a MAJOR frustration!  The workaround is to deploy the web site to IIS to do ALL your tests!  This is a best practice anyway, but once you have it out on IIS, it becomes very difficult (impossible?) to run code coverage analysis on your web code! 

Once I’m done with this beast, I’ll be sure to post all the tips and tricks I’ve learned!