Code Camp is coming to Seattle

Code camp is this month!  It comes to the DeVry campus on October 22nd and 23rd.  Yep!  That’s a weekend, and that means you don’t have to ask for time off work to attend. 

If you missed the Code Camp in Portland, this is your chance.  I attended and spoke there, and it was the best conference I’ve ever attended, including PDC 2005 and TechEd 2005!  It’s a great idea.  Just coders talking to coders!  Every presentation includes CODE, and there’s no marketing…  And the presenters are all coders. 

It’s FREE to attend!  And, if you’2013-08-28 13:48:43’d like to speak, you can submit an abstract.  You don’t get paid for speaking, but you do get to talk about something cool!  Here’s a quick summary.  You can read more about it, and register, here.

Code Camp Details
We are going to have 13 tracks and probably 300+ attendees (we have capacity for ~1000). Portland registered 300 in two weeks.  This is our first Camp so we don’t really know how many will attend. We are looking for about 80-90 talks for the two days. There will be a big publicity push this week and every week till the start of the camp.

Code Camp is devoted to coders, regardless of platform, OS or favorite programming language.  That means we are encouraging talks in lots of disciplines.  We want to cross-pollinate the developers in the area – exposing them to ideas and tools that they may not have seen before.

Code Camp is open for kids and teens too.  At the Portland Camp there were numerous fathers there with their 10-16 year old kids.  The younger ones were totally thrilled to be there.

Code Camps encourage new speakers to join in too. Friday night we will have a gathering for speakers which includes speaker training and the opportunity to talk to seasoned presenters. 

Dates: October 22,23, 2005
Times: Daytime
BBQ: Saturday Evening
Location:  DeVrys University — Federal Way WA
Cost: Free
Payment to Speakers: None
Session Length: Variable but most will be 75 minutes
Registration:  If you are a speaker you must be registered for the event.

Client Development
Game Development
Hands On Labs
Languages And Frameworks
Web Development
XML And The Web