Cool DBA Automation Jobs

I saw a demo of these at Tech-Ed, and thought I would share with my friends.

Essentially, the Database Operations team at Microsoft uses a suite of jobs on all their servers for performing backups, automated database maintenance, improve performance , and improving disaster recovery. I’m sure every SQL Server expert/consultant out there has his or her own bag of tricks, but Microsoft is finally sharing theirs.


These SQL maintenance jobs provide automated tasks such as database or transaction logs backup, performing database optimization like Index defrag or update statistics, cleaning MSDB backup history and recycling the SQL error log. Each of these jobs runs stored procedures that are installed when the jobs are created.


The following are the jobs get installed with this package.

  • SQLBackupAll
  • SQLBackupDiffAll
  • SQLBackupTranAll
  • SQLBackupChecker
  • SQLIndexDefragAll
  • SQLUpdateStatistics
  • SQLCleanupMsdbBackupHistory
  • SQLCycleErrorLog

Download the automation jobs here, and then refer to the Word document inside.