Custom Check-in Policy for Exactly One Work Item

Out of the box, Microsoft has a Work Items check-in policy which requires you to select at least one work item when checking in your code in TFS 2008. If you install the Team Foundation Server Power Tools, you’ll get the Work Item Query check-in policy. This is nice because it allows you to specify a team query to which the work item associated with a check-in must belong. The example I give is that the team may want to spend the next couple of days on a “bug bash”, so you could use this policy to point to the “Active Bugs” query, etc.

What’s missing is a policy that enforces you selecting exactly one work item during check-in. I believe this is crucial for maximum traceability: one changeset to one work item. This is a good habit to adopt as it increases the maintainability of the code, offering better get, branch, build, and merge options. Another way to put it: chatty check-ins (many, throughout the day) are preferred to chunky check-ins (one big one at 5pm).

If only Microsoft had added a configuration page to either of the above policies, I wouldn’t have had to build this policy.

Follow the P&P How-To guidance using the attached project to implement this policy.

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