Domain Specific Language (DSL) Tools – MSDN Lab site established

Microsoft is releasing a suite of tools, and related support, to make it easy to construct graphical, domain-specific language designers hosted in Visual Studio 2005 for editing domain specific languages (DSL).

Excerpted from Microsoft:

“Developers who are using UML, data modeling or business process modeling tools are often faced with the need to personalize or customize these tools. They turn them into domain-specific, company-specific and even project-specific modeling tools. They modify what a diagram shows and what it means, and they add code generators, report generators, and functionality to do useful things with their models. Often they will write custom code to import and export their models. In some cases, they even devise their own interpretation of standard languages like UML. But in other cases, a developer may simply be reusing a pattern of code with a template language or XML schema for which he writes a code generator for specific projects. Developers who are interested in using models and generators like this are indulging in model-driven development as a way to achieve higher productivity.”