Extensibility of VFP 9.0

Sitting through Ken Levy’s session and he’s going over some new, cool features of 9.0 (Beta)

  • Copying and pasting VFP 9.0 code into some other app (IE, Word) – it keeps the formatting (colors)
  • New BLOB type in the table and then code REPLACE imagecolumn WITH FILETOSTR(“foxrox.bmp“)
  • Want to reference a public variable from command window, type M. and intellisense pops up
  • To show the graphic in a picturebox M.Photoform.Image1.PictureVal = ImageColumn (best to do this through code)
  • Still a limit of 2gbs for BLOB and Memo fields
  • VFP 9.0 development on Windows 98 isn’t supported, but you should be able to deploy the runtime and app just fine
  • Tip: to select a control in a container, maybe within another container – hold CTRL + SHIFT and then click on it, rather than Edit.
  • Anchoring to the edges (like in WinForms) works, but it’s a binary number ๐Ÿ™
  • The good news is that you can extend, and create your own property builder hooks
  • Member data editor is driven from an XML file, so that you can specify which members have what properties and editors
  • Foxcode allows a dev to hook any Fox IDE and substitute their own code or forms
  • BindEvent allows you to bind a VFP IDE event to your own object to run whatever code you need – this may change
  • Objects can be returned from Valid() events now (rather than just .T., .F., or 0) – so you can do a set focus to another control

More information can be found on the VS Data Team’s Weblog