Filing bugs from an ASPX page

If you’d like to file bugs in TFS using a web page, perhaps for users that don’t have VS2005 or the Team Explorer installed, there’s a pretty clean example located here.

Now, I hear everyone crying out about Microsoft’s purchase of TeamPlain and the web access available though that.  (The version one of the TeamPlain addin is now freely available for download here.)  I’m the first to admit that the TeamPlain solution is likely the best, however, there are times when you need to create your own solution.  And the primary reason for that is ‘multiplexing’2013-08-28 13:41:14’, or supporting a large number of users who do not have TFS Client Access Licenses (CALs), by dropping everything into a single database, then having a triage individual, who does have a call, make the final decision to upload to the TFS server.  (More on that in a future post…)