Free College for Troy McClain

Driving through Redmond, WA Wednesday night and listening to XM Radio, I caught part of Larry King’s show on CNN. They had Donald Trump and apprentices doing a post-mortem discussion of the show’s first run. I was stunned at the offer that Trump made fellow Boisean Troy McClain. Here’s an excerpt from the full transcript, courtesy of CNN.COM.

TRUMP: Well, Larry, you know, speaking to Troy, and I will only do this if I have the unanimous support of all of the other contestants up there, because they were terrific. But I read somewhere where Troy wanted to go back to college. And the problem is, he’s got a family. You know, it’s hard to afford college. College is expensive. And I will make the offer, only Troy, if everybody else totally accepts this, but I’d like to make the offer to Troy. He’2013-08-28 18:38:23’s an unbelievable guy.

KING: What’s the offer?

As smart as you can be. The offer is that I will pay for his college education if he wants to go back.

(… snip …)

TRUMP: … college education if he were to go back. This guy has amazing potential. And you know, education is a great thing.

(… snip …)

TRUMP: Congratulations. You better pick a nice, good, expensive college.

(… snip …)

MCCLAIN: Oh, my God.