Implementing Scrum Using Visual Studio 2012

Updated 6/12/2012 : Since my breakout session today was on the same topic, I thought I would just hitchhike onto this post from Sunday. My presentation and an updated ScrumRobot are available for download below.

Wow. What a great pre-conference yesterday at Microsoft TechEd in Orlando. Thanks to David Starr and the 80+ folks who were interested enough in the topics to hang out for the all day conversation.

Photo: Teams self-organizing to build a Product Backlog. You can find more photos here.

The links to the materials are at the bottom, including the RTM version of the Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 template, and my “ScrumRobot” code for setting up areas, iterations, and a product backlog.

… and remember, if you need a quick estimate (to get the waterfall guys off your back) just consult the β€˜psychic. Smile


Files: Pre-Con Presentation (8.6 mb) | Breakout Presentation (5.9 mb) | Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 process template (RTM) | ScrumRobot (for TFS2012 RC)