Installing the TFS11 Beta


To use the new version of TFS on a clean VM, I am going to use the following:

VMWare Virtual Machine, 2 Proc, 2 Core 2 GB RAM

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64 bit
  • SQL2012 RC Enterprise – the perspectives are worth it
    • This is not officially supported but I would be surprised if it doesn’t work!
  • MOSS 2010
  • TFS 11
  • VS 11 Ultimate

Step 1 Read the Manual

Download and read the install guide from


Step 2 Install Windows and Pre-Requisites

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Installed from the media.

Changed the machine name to TFS11

Install IIS

Have a look at IIS to make sure it woke up properly.

Add Application Services Role

Added this in with the hostable core. Not essential for TFS – but this will be a build server as well as a general sandpit.

Enable Remote Desktop

I know i will need it later – so I do it now.

Service Accounts

Create some service accounts. For my test machines I use the same password, picked up from Brian Randell it is the least secure password that meets Windows security “P2ssw0rd”.

Rich was using P@ssw0rd – try that on a French keyboard when you are used to a UK/US one.

Account name
All SQL services
TFS service account
Sharepoint and reporting account
Build Account

All set to user cannot change, and password never expires.


SQL 2012 RC

Install was straightforward but took a couple of hours. I installed Enterprise so that I could play with perspectives.

Installed analysis services, reporting services, and all the tools.

SQL 2008 Client Tools

Needed to install this to be able to install MOSS 2010 SP1

MOSS 2010 SP1

Installed all the pre-requisites then MOSS 2010 with SP1. Note that MOSS 2010 is memory hungry, recommending 8GB for production


Straightforward install, and I then went through the Advanced configuration as I had installed all the prerequisites.

it was quick and painless, however I did get a warning about memory. This is because SharePoint wants 8GB, and TFS needs 2 GB.

The minimum to install is 4 GB, under that you will get blocked.



Build Agent

The only other noteworthy point was that I received an error message configuring the build agent:


I went in to the admin console, bounced the controller and the agent and all was good.


A very easy install and configuration, building on the great work with 2010. Great use of Wix!