Installing Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

This edition became available last Thursday on MSDN. Hazzah!

I’ve noticed when installing the edition, as well as the CTPs, that it also installs the “ProjectAggregator” …

A quick search of the forums, finds a post by Robert Merriman (MS) explaining what the ProjectAggregator is …

“We use the Visual Studio ProjectAggregator to integrate our package into Visual Studio. The ProjectAggregator is from the VSIP SDK and here is some information from the April 2006 readme file for the VSIP SDK:

There is a new ProjectAggregator2 MSI for project systems to leverage. A new aggregator (ProjectAggregator2) was added to the Visual Studio SDK to replace the following two aggregators:

  • ProjectAggregator: included with Visual Studio 2005, used for project flavors (also known as project subtypes)
  • NativeHierarchyWrapper: included in previous SDK CTPs, used by the MPF project samples

In addition to solving the problems the NativeHierarchyWrapper solved (source code control support for projects implemented in managed code), this new aggregator solve a limitation of the original ProjectAggregator (which did not allow for multiple levels of flavoring).”