List of revision control software

I was recently reading Geoff Koch’s article in Software Test and Performance magazine on SCM: More Than Code Check-In, Check-Out. It was a short, but good article talking about how CM is similar regardless of whether you write articles or software. I would agree. I believe that i just becomes a matter of complexity.

I found a couple of interesting points in his article:

  • Wikipedia has an exhaustive list of revision control software.
  • Money magazine lists software engineer as No. 1 in its Best Jobs in America (which I knew), and that release engineers are hailed as having the top-paying jobs (which I didn’t know).
  • Google’s Dan Bloch recently stated that they have more than 3,000 users accessing a single Perforce repository running on an HP 4-way Opteron server with 128gb. Wowsers!

Side note: have you checked out Google Code? Apparently, Google will crawl publicly accessible source code, such as (.tar, .gz, .tar, .bz2, and .zip archives) and CVS and Subversion repositories. You can block Google from crawling by using a robots.txt file. Read more here.