More adventures with DeleteTeamProject.exe

Still trying to kill a site…  Pretty much the answer is that you can clean up most of the database stuff, but you’ll always see it in the VS2005 Team Explorer.  But, here’s how to get the most from DeleteTeamProject.

Log in as TFSSetup (I’m coming in from a client), since that Login has god-like powers.  But before you can run DeleteTeamProject.exe, you first must open VS2005 and connect to the TFS (or use the command line). 

Finally run it:  DeleteTeamProject /domain:{serverName} /force MyStupidProjectIWantToKill

And it will delete everything from Currituck, scc, Report Server and Sharepoint, but it will fail on vstfs.  I mentioned that TFSSetup has god-like powers over team system…  Well, to delete something from vstfs, I’m beginning to believe you need to be logged in as BillG (and I don’t mean Bill Gibson).