More Vista problems

I’m trying to get Vista (on my laptop) to recognize a printer shared from my Windows XP desktop box.  Unfortunately, it squacks…  Telling me that I don’t have enough memory.  Now, I have 2 Gig on my laptop, and currently 1.5 Gig is free, so I seriously doubt that’s REALLY the case.

I’ve searched and come up with a couple solutions, however, they involve hooking up my printer via an LPT port.  I don’t have that cable anymore.  Who uses those things when USB is available?  Anyway, the hack is really to hook up old DOS computers to Windows XP, but evidently it works for Vista, too.  If you are running into the same problems, and are using an LPT port, check out the Microsoft KB article here.

UPDATE:  See my post here for the solution!