.NET Developers Association – General Meeting at Microsoft

Last night I attended the general meeting of the .NET Developer’s Association. There were two fantastic presentations.

The first presnetation was on RSS and syndication of blogs. It was given by Microsoft’s most prolific blogger, Robert Scoble, and the guy who designed the RSS spec, Dave Winer — a fellow at the at Berkman Center for the Internet & Society at Harvard Law School . I can safely say that I know a lot more about RSS and syndication now, although I’m still a bit fuzzy on how a specification based on XML can get away with not having a schema.

The second presentation was a bit canned. It was a scripted walkthrough of Visual Basic .NET Whidbey performed by Robert Green (a PM and the Community Lead on the Visual Basic product team). It was nice, however, to have access to some of the VB .NET team and see the latest builds. Unfortunately, I learned that the DbTable is now gone. Damn, and I just wrote an article about it! ๐Ÿ™