New MSSCCI Provider Released.

Many of our clients need to access the TFS Version Control system from VS 2002/2003, as well as other development environments including SQL Server Management Studio.  They’ve been able to do this for some time, but the plug-in to support it always felt a bit clunky.  So it is with great pleasure that I can report the new MSSCCI plug-in (available here) was released yesterday!  In addition to improving the interface, there were several other additions, too.  Now, database developers can access their version controlled T-SQL scripts using Enterprise Manager.  Plus, developers can now modify work items during the check in process! 

If you use the MSSCCI provider for working with TFVC, go download the new version right away!  And, if you’re looking for further cool plug-ins, don’t hesitate to check our Widget’s page, located here.