Rob Caron – Team System "Blogfather"

To those of you who have worked with Team System for a while, this post is redundant — EVERYONE knows Rob Caron’s blog.  But if you’re new to Team System, you need to go to Rob Caron’s blog, right away!  There’s likely not one person who’s gone through working with any of the Team System Betas or builds that has not relied on his blog for either a direct answer or a link to another blog.  Rob knows the Team System ecosystem better than anyone, and is up to date, not just on the product itself, but on the work other, non-MS, people are doing.  If someone has a clear solution to a VSTS problem, you can be assured there’s a link from Rob’2013-08-28 13:51:18’s blog to it.  So, without further ado, if you haven’t been there or haven’t added it to your RSS aggregator, do so now!  Here’s the link.