Course S4PO: Scrum for Product Owners

Scrum for Product Owners

S4PO | 1 Day

This instructor-led class is intended to help Product Owners be more effective in their role. Through a combination of presentation, discussion, and hands-on activities, attendees will learn the responsibilities and preferred practices of being the member of the Scrum Team who drives the value.


This course is intended for existing or candidate Product Owners who want to focus on the expectations and activities related to their role. In addition, business analysts (BAs), subject matter experts (SMEs), or other stakeholders who interact with a Product Owner in order to deliver a product of the highest value are encouraged to attend. Typical attendees are those who have experience on a Scrum Team or who have recently attended Scrum training. Regardless of your current role or capabilities, this course is flexible enough to give you the knowledge that you require.


  1. The Scrum Framework
  2. Myths and Misconceptions
  3. Product Backlog Refinement
  4. Product Backlog Refinement (Advanced)
  5. Getting “Done”
  6. Improving as a team

Level: Intermediate

Scrum experience required