Some of our services …

Let us assess your team’s process, practices, and tools. We can then collaborate on a plan for improving the way you deliver working software.

There are many decisions to be made when adopting new tools and practices. Our advice will help you design a productive team environment.

Our training courses are created by developers for developers. They are team-based and include many hands-on activities.

Getting started with Scrum and DevOps can be challenging. Our expert coaches can help build high-performance development teams.

We are experts at configuring Azure DevOps to suit the way you work. Let us leverage our expertise to configure your tools for your team.

We can help you migrate from Azure DevOps Server (TFS) to Azure DevOps Services. We can also help you migrate other DevOps artifacts to Azure DevOps.

We can recommend or create a custom extension or integration solution to integrate your existing DevOps tools and artifacts with Azure DevOps.

We can tune your tools and practices in many ways for any size or type of team. We are experts at enabling your team to be as productive as possible.