Course SPS: Scaled Professional Scrum

Scaled Professional Scrum

SPS | 2 Days

The Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) workshop will show you how to launch, structure, staff, and manage a large agile or Scrum project. In this 2-day workshop you will organize and simulate a scaled software development project to learn the infrastructure, tools and practices needed for success. You will leave knowing how to scale Scrum in order to maximize the value of your software development initiative.

You will be introduced to the Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) framework and walk through forming and managing a Nexus, the core development unit of SPS. This experience will help you understand the techniques, philosophies, and challenges that Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, and have learned through years of formulating and coaching scaled Scrum projects.

You will also be introduced to over 50 new/reformulated practices, which cause the Nexus to operate predictably. Many of these practices will be applied to the case study during the workshop. For example, practices include techniques for organizing your teams to maximize the initiative, refining at scale, and scaling the Scrum events. You will learn new practices on how to address situations when technical debt, domain knowledge, and test results impede forward progress.


This workshop is designed for development leads, managers, and anyone else involved in formulating, participating or managing scaled Scrum product development. Organizations are encouraged to send a team of people that will be (or already are) running large Scrum initiatives.

It is especially oriented to those who are:

  • Already effectively running small Scrum projects
  • Wanting to apply multiple Scrum teams to develop a large system or product
  • Managing scaled projects
  • Struggling with scaled projects

Attendees will make the most of the class if they have:

  • An understanding of Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide
  • An understanding of the tools, practices, and pitfalls found in large scale software development
  • Read the current Nexus Guide
  • Taken the Nexus Open (free) assessment


  1. The Nexus
  2. The Nexus in Action
  3. Managing the Nexus
  4. Nexus+

Level: Advanced

Practical Scrum and large scale development experience required