SQL Server Magazine’s Community Choice Awards – Nominations are open now

I wanted to make sure you were aware of the upcoming Community Choice Awards. Nominations opened last week and will close on August 10th. Here is the promotion that is being sent to through emails and in the magazines …

Welcome to the 2009 Community Choice Awards (CCA), as presented by Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine! These awards allow YOU to decide what IT products get chosen for acclaim and recognition. We want to hear from IT pros, DBAs, and developers about what they think the best products are in a given category.

Click HERE to nominate your favorite IT products. Here are the award categories:

• Best Active Directory & Group Policy Product
• Best Antivirus/Malware Product
• Best Auditing and Compliance Product
• Best Backup and Recovery Software Product
• Best Business Intelligence and Reporting Product
• Best Cloud Computing Product or Service
• Best Database Management Product
• Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product
• Best Deployment Product
• Best Development Tools Product
• Best Hardware: Server
• Best Hardware: Workstation
• Best Hardware: Mobile device
• Best Hardware: Networking Product
• Best Hardware: Appliances Product
• Best Hardware: Storage Product
• Best Interoperability Product
• Best Messaging Product
• Best Microsoft Product
• Best Mobile and Wireless Software Product
• Best Network Management Product
• Best Patch Management Product
• Best Scripting Product
• Best Security Product
• Best SharePoint Product
• Best Systems Management Product
• Best System Utility
• Best Training and Certification Product or Service
• Best Virtualization Product