Steven Wilssens on Team System

Steven Wilssens attended the preconference on Team System that Rich and I presented at PDC this year.  He’s blogged it.  But the best is his incredible summary!  He manages in just a few paragraphs to effectively summarize the content of the full day pre-con.  I whole heartedly recommend his post

In addition, he’s got several other great posts.  I especially like his post on the testing “V model”.  It explains how the various classes of tests (unit, integration, acceptance, etc) relate to the software development lifecycle.  You can find that post here

I’ve gone ahead and added him to my personal blogroll.  There’s good stuff on his blog for all of you Team System addicts, especially those of you interested in testing.  It doesn’t have a lot of posts yet, but the posts it has are all very valuable.  Check it out!