Tag, I''m it …

Ok, Chris Kinsman caught me flat-footed when he tagged me earlier this month. I know I’m a slow learner, and now that I fully understand what’s going on, it’s time that I sit down and post the “five things you didn’t know about me” …

  1. I fell in love with computers in 1977, when I first saw a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I. I started programming two years later on a Level II version of the same computer. Turbo Pascal hooked me in 1984 and I’ve been in/out of compiler-rehab ever since.
  2. I own a Harley Davidson (2003 Fat Boy/100th anniversary) but don’t ride it much. My biker friends think I’2013-08-28 18:35:16’m weird. I am.
  3. My favorite TV shows are The Shield and The Office. Oh, and I’ll watch those car chase police video shows too. I guess I need help.
  4. I’m a freak about soccer. I love to play it (indoor and outdoor) and love the World Cup and all its fanfare. I’m indifferent to MLS, and especially Beckham coming to the US.
  5. I’ve only had three jobs in my life that did NOT relate to software development in some way: working at my folks’ video arcade Excalibur (Twin Falls, Idaho) in 1983, working at the Elk’s Lodge setting up parties in 1983, and working at the new Wendy’s cooking burgers in 1984 (6 weeks/never got paid).

Ok, so that’s probably TMI at this point, so I’ll stop, and pass the baton to Steven Borg, Peter DeBetta, Scott Cate, Peter Kellner, and Jason Mauer.