Talking SQL at the Spokane .NET User Group

I enjoyed traveling to Spokane (I have family there) and presenting to the Spokane .NET User Group (SNUG?) on various SQL Server 2005 T-SQL, engine, and data type enhancement topics. This was my second INETA event, and they just keep getting better.

One of the attendees works for a company called SprayCool, which has a technology for keeping mission-critical servers and data centers cool, and running smoothly. This has to be the “coolest” thing I’ve heard of in awhile! SprayCool is the process of using liquid evaporation, or phase change, to cool electronics. A fine mist of coolant is sprayed onto electronic hot spots and immediately evaporates. The vapor is then captured and the heat is rejected as it circulates through a heat exchanger. This results in an extremely efficient method of cooling.