Team Foundation Adapters Project

I’m pleased to announce that the Team Foundation Adapters project is up and running on CodePlex. The project description is as follows:

Team Foundation Adapters make it easier to do proper unit testing of applications that utilize the Team Foundation Server API, by providing a simple mechanism for mocking the commonly used sealed classes in the API, which cannot otherwise be mocked.

This is not vaporware folks. There’s a working implementation, complete with sample unit tests. The project does not cover the entire Team Foundation API just yet. But it establishes a clearly defined baseline that will grow as needed.


Please have a look at the project and let me know what you think of this approach. If you like it, be sure to tell your friends about it.


Many thanks to Jeff Bramwell, William Bartholomew, Martin Woodward and Mitch Denny for joining up as contributors. If you’re interested in contributing as well, please let me know.