Team Foundation Server for Microsoft Access developers

I was invited by INETA to speak at the Pacific Northwest Access Developer Group (a.ka. the Seattle Access Group). Now, Access developers are typically “teams of one”, but I thought that any team developers or consultants attending the meeting would get the ALM story and features of TFS. They did.f

As it turns out, the steps to integrate Microsoft Access 2007 with TFS aren’t all that difficult:

  1. Install and configure TFS to allow the developers to connect
  2. Install the MSSCCI provider on each developer’s desktop
  3. Install the Access Developer Extensions on each developer’s desktop
  4. Create and configure the Team Project, version control folders, and workspace(s)
  5. Follow the guidance on using Access with Source Control (you can ignore the references to VSS).

Remember: you can’t View, Compare, or Annotate any Access objects under source control, with the exception of code (modules, macros).

Thank you to those of you who attended my talk. You can download my presentation here.