Team Foundation Server SP1 BETA Launched Today

TFS SP1 is out!  it takes a while to get on the list, and to start the downloads, but it’s worth it!  There are lots of improvements in SP1 and I’ll be running a few tests against it myself.  Remember, it is Beta, so unless you have a very compelling reason, keep it off your production servers.  But get in there to play with some of the new features!  Especially the ability to host your own WIT controls, so you’ll be able to more easily add functionality to the Work Item viewer!

Some other areas of improvement:

  • Version Control, WorkItem Tracking and Datawarehouse performance/scale improvements
  • “Extranet support”
  • WIT Custom Control support
  • Support for Office 2007 (Project and Excel – no Sharepoint 2007 support yet), Vista and the new WAP project support
  • Detailed Merge History

The release includes fixes for a total of 85 issues!  For more information on the release see Brian Harry’s weblog posting, and to sign up for the download visit the Microsoft Connect Site.

Good work, Microsoft!  ๐Ÿ™‚