On the Tech Ed Berlin VS2010 Ultimate booth, we fielded a wide range of questions about Visual Studio and TFS. We used a few web pages to help with the discussions, and the most visited ones are below:



The Visual Studio ALM home page

Case study describing the benefits of adopting TFS in management terms

Comparison of the MSF Agile, the MS Scrum and EMC (formerly Conchango) TFS project templates

Visualisation and Modelling Feature pack for VS2010.

Version comparison between the VS range

The Tech Ed Berlin home page

The SDC Tasks for MS Build

The Team System Rangers Home Page

The Professional Scrum Developers Home Page

Explanation of code metrics

The MSBuild Extension pack

The forward compatibility pack to allow VS2008 to work with TFS 2010

The comparison page for MSDN subscription versions

Compatibility matrix between VS versions and TFS