The ProcessTemplateEditorPackage package did not load correctly

Yesterday, while using Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2013 to customize a process template, I ran into this error …


As suggested, I checked the ActivityLog.xml, but it didn’t offer anything more than just the message CreateInstance failed for package


A quick search found only a few posts, with this one being the most relevant. Unfortunately the thread goes dark without a resolution. Remembering that I had to deal with a similar impediment with Team Explorer 2012, I re-read the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools requirements


It seems that in the 2013 version of the Power Tools Visual Studio Professional is a requirement for the Process Template Editor to work, whereas with 2012 it was only required for the graphical workflow designer.

Summary: Install Visual Studio Professional if you want to use any of the VS-integrated TFS 2013 power tools.


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