Tips to passing the Professional Scrum Developer 1 assessment’s Professional Scrum Developer I (PSD I) assessment measures knowledge of how to build complex software products using Scrum, and allows people to validate this understanding. If you are considering taking this assessment, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Read the most recent Scrum Guide in your native language and then read it in English
  2. Take the Scrum Open assessment until you can achieve 100% repeatedly
  3. Study for the PSD assessment by reading
    1. The PSD Objective Domain
    2. The PSD course (if you take it)
    3. My Professional Scrum Development with Visual Studio 2012 book
  4. Take the Developer Open assessment until you can achieve 100% repeatedly
  5. Set aside a clear time to study and then take the exam


Remember: Reading the Scrum Guide and related reference materials alone is not necessarily enough prep for someone to pass a Professional Scrum Assessment. Questions often ask test-takers to interpret information and apply it to challenging situations, so knowledge gained from personal experience and other sources is typically needed.


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