Transferring domains away from GoDaddy

You’d think this would be simple wouldn’t you? Well, I liken it to trying to get out of a Casino – the doors are not clearly marked, for obvious reasons.

Here’s my scenario

I have a domain (or two) registered at GoDaddy, because I purchased the domains from somebody and/or had a knee-jerk reaction to their cheap rates and/or wanted to use their heightened protection and affiliated Domains By Proxy service. In any event, I’d rather move them to my preferred registrar: DirectNIC. I’ve been with them for years and their services are exactly what I need and their UI is (ahem) easy to understand.

First, I started by reading this guy’s blog post, but it only gets me so far. I’2013-08-28 18:17:53’ve updated the instructions to include steps for handling Domains By Proxy and the transfer to DirectNIC.

Part 1 – Unlock/un-protect the domains

1. Login to GoDaddy using your customer # / login name and password.

2. Click on the Domains > My Domains link on the menu.

3. Check the box next to the domain(s) you want to transfer and click the Locking link on the menu bar.

4. Select Unlock and click OK.

5. Click OK again to confirm.

6. Click the domain link of the domain you want to transfer.

7. Verify Domain Ownership Protection is off.

If Domain Ownership Protection is ON (i.e. you have the platinum registration), then you need to call GoDaddy and get manual instructions, involving an email exchange. Quite painful, but very protective.

8. Click the Authorization Code Send by Email link and then click OK to send the email

9. Monitor the email account associated with the domain registration and retrieve the 16 character authorization code.


Part 2 – If you have registered privately using Domains By Proxy

1. Login to DomainsByProxy using your customer # / login name and password (which may not be the same as your GoDaddy ones).

2. Click the My Domains link.

3. Locate the domain(s) you want to transfer and check the boxes to “Cancel Your Private Registration” and click Continue.

4. Confirm by selecting Yes and clicking Submit.

If you are stopped because of a “One or more selected domains have domain protection on.” message, then see step 1-7 above.

5. Repeat for the other domains you want to transfer.


Part 3 – Initiating the Transfer to DirectNIC

1. Login to DirectNIC using your username and password.

2. Click the Domain Transfers link on the left.

3. Enter the domain(s) you want to transfer and click OK.

4. Confirm the contact information and click Continue Purchase.

5. Specify how many years to register and click Continue Purchase.

6. Enter billing information and click Purchase.

7. Transfer request email(s) is/are sent to the administrative contacts for the domain(s) being transferred.


Part 4 – Approving and Finalizing the Transfer

1. Monitor the email account of the GoDaddy domain administrative contact.

2. In the email sent from DirectNIC, click the link at the bottom to approve the transfer.

3. On the DirectNIC page, select Approve and enter the Authorization Info received in 1-9 above and a contact phone number.

4. Say goodbye to Daddy.