I have just finished delivering a Team Foundation Course today, and we had some great discussions around TFS Administration, upgrading, adoption etc.

As usual, there is a whole pile of questions that you don’t have the time to go into in great detail, or you point out a thread.

Below is the list of items that came up for discussion:


Visual Studio 2010

TFS 2010 Service Packs and Hotfixes
Team Foundation Power tools
Productivity Power Tools
Team Foundation Sidekicks
TFS Admin Tool
Feature Packs by licence
Scott Hanselman’s
Build Extensions (APRIL 2012)
MSBuild Extension Pack (Nov 2011)
TFS2010 Build Extensions (for ant/maven builds)
Code Maid
TFS Install Guide
Check In Policies
How to create custom check-in Policies
Branching Guidance


TFS2010 Build Versioning
nUnit for Team Build
Wire nUnit in to TFS 2010
Beyond compare config
Remote desktop connection manager
Testing Tools in TFS 2010
Security Permissions
Team Build Properties
Team Build Property reference
Team Build Reference Guide
Jim Lamb simple versioning walkthrough
Build Classic ASP
You need to have an empty solution, add an empty project, add the various .asp, and other content files in to the project. You can edit the .csproj to move the required files to the output directory.
A bit of kludge, but it will help you get a version stamped set of files.
BizTalk 2010 Build and Deploy
BizTalk walkthrough
BizTalk Deployment Framework
Wiring the BTDF in to the build

Visual Studio 2012

Team Foundation Power tools
TFS Install Guide
Get Rid of All Caps
Visual Studio 2012 Demo and hands on lab scripts

Visual Studio 2008

TFS Install Guide
TFS 2008 Service Packs

Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Hope that helps someone (apart from me!)