VS Extensibility Roadmap

I’m sitting through the two-day Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) Developers Conference this week and Rico Mariani gave his roadmap to Visual Studio extensibility. Here are some highlights of the coming, “decade worth of work” …

VS10 (the version after 2008, a.k.a. “Dev10”)

  • New editor with fine-grained extensibility
  • Build on Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF) which is “COM for the managed world”
  • All new features that should support multiple languages do


  • VSTA (DLR) used for macros and other end-user extensibility
  • Critical mass for managed extensibility models enables several common classes of add-ins to be built purely in managed code
  • Common project system
  • Richer, common base types and protocols for discovery, activation, and manipulation
  • Asynchronous extension and visualization model and showcase examples


  • Stable VSIP API’s enabling a high degree of compatibility
  • Extensive use of asynchronous extension and visualization model