VS2005 Beta 2 – Team System Bugs (Updated)

Just a small list of some bugs I’ve run across, and fixes where applicable.  (Right now all of the fixes seem to involve shutting down and restarting VS2005 — Clicking Refresh anywhere doesn’t seem to work.)  Rob Carron has responded to a few of these in the comments.  I’ve copied them here in red.

1) Newly created Iterations are not available to use in new Work Items until VS2005 is shut down and restarted.

I’ve confirmed this is a known issue.

2) If you are assigned a Work Item, such as a Task, from someone at another computer, it is not enough to simply Refresh the Work Items folder.  You must close and reopen VS2005.

Refreshing the Work Items folder will show you new queries, but not new work items. To see new work items, you’ll need to refresh an open query. Otherwise, just open a query.

3) When creating an Application Diagram: if you drag an ASP.NET WebService onto the design surface, you get the same shape and defaults as when you drag an ASP.NET WebApplication.  (Although this may be TECHNICALLY correct, it is very confusing to have two different items to drag over that have nearly identical graphical images).  When implemening, the only selections are based on Web Sites, however the do correctly implement into a Web Service.

4) When a unit test project is created by Test1, and checked into source control, and then Dev1 on a different machine opens up the same project (from File -> Recent Projects), Dev1 is alerted that a new project has been added to the solution and prompted to include the new project.  When Dev1 says “Yes” to downloading the project, a message saying that the SCC database is corrupt is raised.  However, by going to File -> Open from Source Control you can get the whole solution with the new projects and everything works!

5) Error messages seem to occur on a fairly regular basis (one every 30 minutes or so of heavy use).  Almost always they are easily recoved from.  This isn’t much help, but you know you’2013-08-28 13:51:57’re not alone!  It may have to do with memory.  We have TFS running in its own VPC with 1.5 Gig of memory, and 11 clients each in VPCs with only 640 Meg of memory.  The errors are annoying, but generally non-reproducible, so I think it has something to do with memory or configuration in some way.

6) When you delete a file inside of SCC (from the Source Control Explorer), then reattempt to add a file with the same name, you get an error telling you that a file with the same name exists in Source Control.  Fix: Simply close and reopen VS2005 on the client.

7) Not technically Team System, but VS2005 error.  When you build a web service in VS2005 Beta 2, then build a deployment package for that web service and finally deploy it to an IIS web server, it sets the desired version of the Framework to version 1.1, not 2.0!!!!  Fix: