VS2005 Beta 2 – Team System Tips and Tricks


1) In the Distributed System Designers, when connection applications or logical servers, and your lines look messy, right-click any of the connections, and choose “Redraw Connection”.  This works GREAT for beautifying your connections.

2) When starting VS2005, you can use the Right-Click -> Run As… command to log in as a different user.  You then interact with TFS as the “run as” identity.  This can be useful if you’re giving Team System demos on VPC and don’t want to continually log in and out of the VPC.  Hint: you can even have two copies of VS2005 running, each under a different identity!

3) When creating a new project, you can select “Add this project to Source Control”.  Don’t do this!  It will AUTOMATICALLY create a new directory somewhere in the SCC directory structure, and it seems like this is simply the last place you added something!  So if you’re working on a different team project, you’ll be in the wrong location.  Instead, leave the box unchecked, and then right click the project or solution in the Solution Explorer, and add to Source Control that way.  You then have full control over the location (on the TFS box) of your source files.

4) Occasionally in Team Suite, my Task Manager shows the devenv.exe using well over 200, even 300mb of RAM at times. This is a good time to exit and restart Visual Studio 2005.

5) After viewing your Deployment Report in Internet Explorer, save it as a Web Archive (single file .MHT) and then you can upload this to the project portal, embedding all the graphics and such into the one file.